"Pirates are better than black people"

"Pirates are better than black people"

so apparently there is a guy out there that wants to turn his house into a pirate ship.  AWESOME!  so he created a facebook group to show his live in girl friend that people support this noble goal.  I’m with this.  So I joined.

I then take a peak at the discussion page, which , I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he doesn’t moderate it.  Yeah.  if the picture is not showing up properly, the fourth discussion topic on the list is “Pirates are so much better than black people.” UM  HEADDESK.

And the part of the “discussion” I could manage to read through had at least 7 people defending the post , or adding to the “joke”.

the person who started the “joke” also added

Nonsense! I’m a revolutionary thinker. I’m not saying blacks are BAD, just that they’re far inferior to pirates. That’s why you don’t hear about pirates being enslaved by black people.

and someone else adding

Pirates are also better than spicks.

saving grace was there were people calling out these racist statments for what they are, but the following quotes from discussion have enlightened me, I see now. If only I had a sense of humor! because this isn’t about racism its about styles of humor. actually let me quote all of Alex Orby Kelly’s (god only knows if that is a real name) comments in full.

First comment:

no-one would say it was racist if he said “pirates are so much better than white people”
you’re all over-reacting.
i think it’s hilarious.
pirates are just so much better than people in general.
so shut up and take a joke.

(emph mine) um All I’m hearing is “you people should shut up and let me laugh at this!” You are all so mean for being offended.

second comment:

but the point is; if he was serious he wouldn’t bother posting it.
i can understand why you wouldn’t because it may seem racist.
but if you look at it from a comedic point and don’t take it seriously then its quite funny.

(emph mine)


i know, the whole group isn’t a serious issue.
its meant for fun.
meaning that more than likely, this topic is as well.


all i’m saying is that if he called the topic “pirates are better than white people”
no-one would make such a big fuss.
i wouldn’t and i’m white, i’d find it funny.
don’t you think black people have a sense of humour too?
race is such a touchy topic, thats whats OTT.

(emph mine) So the white people who think this is racist are the racist people? even though most of the people calling out the Bull Shit are POC????? and the reverse racism card.


he’s saying pirates are better…
like i said, i can understand how the wording of it sounds racist.
but its most probably not.

intention doesn’t matter!  please refer to the wonderful Jay Smooth for more assistance.


exactly, i just wanted to get across my point (just like you)
that its less about racism, more about differences in humour.
and that there shouldn’t be such a fuss made.

(emph mine) Yeah. because wanting to be viewed as a a full human being instead of an object of ridicule is getting in the way of a joke! the horror. Because if black people would lighten up, there wouldn’t be a problem apparently? It’s just a different style of humor!  and we should respect other people’s sense of humor.  we’re being so oppressive.  HEAD DESK

plus this gem from Michael Barattini:

So now your saying it’s ok to pick on other races but not black people? that pretty racist… thats kinda like saying balck people are better than every one else…

see here, here, here, and here. also while you’re thinking about it, have you unpacked your knapsack recently?

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