thoughts on anarchy

well… I’m new to the whole radical politics thing.  so bear with me.

I’ve fallen into a great crowd of people who associate with anarchy as a politcal belief.  not in the “disorder” sense of the word, but with the idea that all forms of government are oppressive and we don’t want an oppresive system sort of way.

I always used to be afraid that if we had anarchy there would be more violence against women and more rape.  but, there already is.  I mentioned this briefly before.  what do I get from the government and what do I give to the government, and is the former enough to justify the latter? 

I don’t know….

but what I’ve been thinking about lately is who my heros are, and that they were all lawbreakers.  And I mean some pretty standard socially acceptable heros.  (even the fictional ones.)

This is because to effect a social change you need to break the law that is in the way.  So what makes their actions ok and not anarchist activists actions? 

And who’s to say what law is ok to break and what law isn’t.  theorhetically the law is there to not be broken.  but so many were/are unjust.  so why have a government that imposes this on us, that then doesn’t do anything (or isn’t able to do anything so they say…) about domestic violence, or rape.  not only do that not help, they actively hurt women’s rights.  Criminilizing having a uterus as they criminilize having brown skin, or being gay.  (though the second of those three they do in terms of economic class oppresion because being open about racism is out of fashion.)

so if we have know way of knowing which laws are ok to break beyond our own concience, how can we condem those who break laws, but who do so in a way that is not hurtful to anyone, and may be helpful for them or another. 

so why what do the laws do that is so great other than make us “feel” protected when we are not.

Some of my hero law breakers (fictional and real) that are not considered radical:

  • Ghandi
  • Margaret Sanger
  • Martin Luther King Junior
  • Zoro
  • Alice Paul
  • Lucy Barns
  • and all other women who were arrested or part of the suffrage movement

I mean, not only did they break the law but the law breaking is exactly what made them heros.

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