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I read Full Frontal Feminism a while ago.   and it was ok.  It was definitely not written for an already feminist audience.  but whatever.  It read a bit like an extended blog post, which is not a complaint, just an observation.  I mean, I read blog posts all the time (I even read jessica’s blog all the time…).

Anyhoooo, I do have a bit of a critique.  Jessica tells young women to never, ever sleep with a guy who is pro-life/ anti choice.  I don’t have the exact quote the book is not currently in front of me and I’m at an internet cafe so, I’m not digging it up.

This irked me.  I think that doing away with the women=sex=vagina thing is fundamental to feminism.  and I just feel that it’s not appropriate to use your sexuality to reward men.  or rather it’s not ok to tell other people to use their bodies to reward men with good politics.  I mean, shouldn’t sex be about what *I* want?

Maybe what I want is to convert people to my political way of thinking, but maybe, just maybe, I want an orgasm. Or to be physically close to someone because I need that every so often in life.  And I personally probably wouldn’t be attracted to or feel safe around anyone who was anti-choice, so I personally probably wouldn’t sleep with them.

The whole idea of it seems just a bit too much like PETA telling us that we should use our bodies as a form of outreach which is something most feminists condemn….

If an individual wants to use sex as outreach, good for them, but don’t think it’s cool to suggest I SHOULD do the same.


Someone suggested I go live alone in the forest

So I have a question…

If a tree falls in the forest, and I’m the only one around to hear it, do I get to own my uterus then?

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just in case you wanted to make her brain break!

From the lovely [info]scubachik!

Someone sent this to me and I thought you might enjoy doing this as well.

Dear Friends:

We may have thought we wanted a woman on a national political ticket,

but the joke has really been on us, hasn’t it? Are you as sick to your stomach

as I am at the thought of Sarah Palin as Vice President of the United States ?

Since Palin gave her speech accepting the Republican nomination for the

Vice Presidency, Barack Obama’s campaign has raised over $10 million dollars.

Some of you may already be supporting the Obama campaign financially;

others of you may still be a little honked off over the primaries. None of you,

however, can be happy with Palin’s selection, especially on her positions on

women’s issues. So, if you feel you can’t support the Obama campaign financially,

may I suggest the following fiendishly brilliant alternative?

Make a donation to Planned Parenthood — in Sarah Palin’s name.

A Planned Parenthood donation is tax deductible, where a political donation isn’t.

And here’s the good part: when you make a donation to PP in her name,

they’ll send her a card telling her that the donation has been made in her honor!

Here’s the link to the Planned Parenthood website:

Planned Parenthood: go to Donate, then Honorary Gifts.

You’ll need to fill in the address to let PP know where to send the ‘in Sarah Palin’s

honor’ card. I suggest you use the address for the McCain campaign headquarters,

which is:

McCain for President

1235 S. Clark Street, 1st Floor
Arlington , VA 22202

CA sometimes sucks so much ass

Don’t get me wrong.  I love San diego.  The weather, the people, the beach.  and the 9th District court has made some great rulings.  but I just saw This Initiative via Feminist law Professors.

If people are truly concerned about minors health and safety.. they would protect their privacy. if people think “My mom will find out if I have a legal abortion” and they really don’t want their parents to find out, they are going to try unsafe options.

Abortions happen. Period. It doesn’t matter if they are legal or not. but if they are legal, then people can get them done safely. I’m not arguing right or wrong. I’m arguing saving a childs life. Because shoving a coat hanger up your vagina in a desperate attempt to hide the truth from your parents is a hell of a way to go.

So please vote in november. Vote against this. protect young women’s rights.

This Common Secret

I just read “This Common Secret” By Susan Wicklund.

I want to add my voice to the chorus of praise for this book. It was moving and really showed Women as the center of the stories. So often when Abortion is discussed it is in terms of the “unborn Child”. Regardless of how one feels about a fetus, this book makes it clear, women WILL have abortions. Providing them safely is the only option that is not cruel.

Of course, I am the choir. I was pro-choice before reading the book. I would love to know the reaction of someone considers themselves pro-life. Not the wack jobs killing people, but just someone down the street.

And whatever your views, this book will make you think, it will move you.

I’m in so much awe of Susan Wicklund that i really am having trouble finding words to express how much I think everyone should read this book.

Some excerpts:


I’m afraid my screams give no voice to the silenced

I sent the following as an email to all my friends in the states:  

I got the heads up about this from here.

“On Monday, President Bush appointed Dr. Susan Orr as Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary for Population Affairs (a Health and Human Services Agency), placing Orr in charge of the nation’s family planning activities under Title X. In the past, Orr has applauded efforts to exclude birth control from health coverage for federal employees, stating that “fertility is not a disease,” and encouraged efforts to withdraw approval of RU-486.

Orr previously worked as an associate commissioner in the Administration for Children and Families, as well as for the anti-contraception and anti-reproductive rights Family Research Council. ”

That is to say that the person incharge of “Family planning” is opposed to the only known way of decreasing the abortion rate.  (which is access to birth control )

If you are Pro-Life, she is against the only known means of reducing the abortion rate and therefore against you.

If you are Pro-choice and/or think women should have reproductive rights, she is against you.

Please take a moment to sign the Planned Parenthood Pettition .

Thank you,


feel free to copy and share or just share. I’m happy to get the message out.

of course this comes at a time when even democrats are continuing abstinence only sex ed. GAAHHHH!!!!  I could just scream.

update on Planned Parenthood Aurora

In reference to my earlier post
Firstly there is up to date info at

There was a post this morning.  It basically said, yes they can legally throw the people off their property:

that the only way we can remove the protesters is to get Safeway/Dominick’s to send a letter to the city telling them they don’t want the protesters on their private property.

So in calling in we should Request they write a letter the the city.

My personal Addendum is that when complaining, inform them that the objectional behavior is the intimidation tactics. These protesters are Taking people’s pictures and wrtiting down their liscense plate numbers. they Are harrassing patients. Yes this is technically legal, but it is unkind, and hurtful. Even if those you speak call themselves “pro-life” it is important to note that Planned Parenthood does more than “just abortions” they offer mamograms, and pap smears and information. What could be more pro-life than ensuring that women of all economic backgrounds have access to healthcare?

Please call both the local Store and Corporate.

Dominick’s store: 630-236-0683

National Safeway Corporation’s VP for Public Affairs : 925-467-3000

The Store in Questions is:

The Dominick’s/Safeway store in question is at 3025 E. New York St, Aurora, Ill. 60504.

Vons/Safeway/Dominicks is anti-choice

Well i found out through Feministing:

Safeway hosting anti-choicers in Aurora
Having lost their appeal to the Aurora city council to shut down the new Planned Parenthood clinic, the antis have set up shop on private property — specifically the parking lot of a Dominick’s/Safeway grocery store — adjacent to the clinic. Of course, photographing women and license plates outside of abortion providers is not exactly a novel anti-choice tactic. But this time they’re not standing on public sidewalks.

As a private business, Dominick’s/Safeway could throw them off the premises and make them stop this intimidation. So call Safeway corporate and ask that the Aurora location do just that:

Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 9 p.m, Local Time
Saturday and Sunday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Local Time

The Dominick’s/Safeway store in question is at 3025 E. New York St, Aurora, Ill. 60504.

UPDATE: Folks in comments are saying they’re having better luck with this number for Safeway corporate offices in Pleasanton: 925-467-3000 .

Please call the corporate offices. The lady I talked to was shocked that this was happening and said she is calling their district manager. I’m not shopping at safeway or any safeway owned businesses until this is resolved. Please join me standing up for choice. Vote with your dollar and let them know that they have lost a customer if this continues.

again the number for Safeway corporate offices in Pleasanton is 925-467-3000