Female nudists need a community of their own

now, I’m not a separatist Feminist, but I do know that in certain situations having men around can make women uncomfortable exploring or trying new things, or discussing topics that are important to be discussed.  In a perfect world these things wouldn’t be taboo for men or women, and could be discussed as a society.  But with the societal constraints we have, approaching nudism as a woman is difficult.

 That is not to say that with our societal constraints approaching nudism as a man is easy, But there are far more male than female nudists, and I can only speak from my perspective.

Women are brought up to see themselves as objects and tools for men’s gratification.  (Even men are brought up to see women this way.)  I know that this is does not apply to 100% of the population, but to some extents our culture tells us this.  look at any magazine, or at pop icons.  Just because there are a few exceptions doesn’t mean the problem isn’t there, or that it’s ok to ignore it.  But I digress…

 If you are a woman interested in nudism, and you go to a beach or a resort, you will be getting naked in front of men.  These same men that you were taught will objectify you, and who will drool over you.  The men that society tells us cannot control themselves if a woman wears a skirt that is too short.  And we’re expected to simply forget society and happily prance about?

It takes time, and courage.  I only go down to the beach when I have male protectors.  Men that I know will keep the creeps away (because it is a public place men who think it is ok to objectify women troll the beach looking for women to stare at and sometimes (though rarely) even jack off to).  I’ve never been to a resort, but I would not go alone the first time even though the pervs are screened out.  I would not feel comfortable.

 It would be utterly fantastic to have a place to go to be naked where I could feel safe.  I feel safe on the beach if my friends are there, but I want to feel unconditionally safe.  I think it would be great to have talks about society and self perception.  What is expected of the female body, and what is the reality?  Let us accept and embrace that reality! 

Once more comfortable with our bodies and ourselves, I think it would be easier to happily prance at resorts with people of all genders. 

 One more comment.  Before anyone says this is reverse sexism and we should allow men,  This is about creating a space for women to join an already existing community.  Not a community completely separate from men. 


strong woman vs naked little girl

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if not, sorry for the interruption.

I go to a nude beach.  Often 3 or 4 times a week.  I’ve never been to a nude resort but I think that it might be fun.  there would be fewer creeps in a resort.

State beaches are public places.  That means the creepy guy with binoculars isn’t doing anything illegal.  That fully clothed man who is staring at me when I body-surf, isn’t doing anything illegal.    This is a much bigger problem for women than it is for men.   The big problem is there is nothing I can really do about it myself.  If I get up in some pervs face, that might just excite him.  I feel totally helpless.

So what do I do?  I need a man to help me.  Even better if it is multiple men.   I have found a group on the beach that is associated with The Naturist SocietyThe Blacks Beach Bares.  They really make me feel safe at the beach as a single woman.  We stake out an area and set up umbrellas, and when creepy people (read “creepy men”) show up the guys ask them to leave.  Let me tell you, a clothed gawker doesn’t like being approached by naked men.

Being protected makes me feel wonderful and safe and totally used by the patriarchy.   I’ve done a lot of introspection on the matter.  It pisses me off that I need to be saved.  when I was little and I played make believe my favorite character was “Zorra”.  I was like Zorro, but a girl.  I wanted to save the town from the corrupt and help the people.  I can’t stand needing to be saved, or I couldn’t until I got used to it.

I feel I can’t go up to them.  it would reinforce the behavior.  I mean yes I’m upset, but now they have breasts really close to them.   Here’s my view on it now:

The problem is one that exists within the patriarchy.  I’m currently living in the patriarchy.  A solution exists within the patriarchy.  I can either use this solution, or not go to the beach, or go to the beach and get stared at by creepy people.

I want what I want.  I want to go to the beach.  The guys that stand up for me are kind, and respectful.  Some are more entrenched in patriarchal views than others, but in general they are good people.  I think that just because someone is selfish (about giving up their privilege) doesn’t make them bad.  It doesn’t make them stellar, but I know there is a lot of privilege I don’t give up to make the world better either.

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