I’m not looking for it. It falls in my effin lap. (pt1)

I’m often told I “look for things to get angry about.” And I admit I look where some of these thing are highlighted, like feminist blogs, non-feminist blogs, twitter, google-reader feed, newspapers, television (well I don’t watch that, but it is where these things are), conversations with “liberal” friends, conversations with academics, conversation with fellow students, oh, and the rest of the world.

So today I have examples from twitter/liberal friends and my google reader.

First, recently on twitter one of the trending topics was #IHateWomenWho. I tweeted my dismay (with spaces and no hash mark describing the misogyny. ok, so far so good. But that is not what made my blood boil. I get a reply saying that if there were a similar post about men it would my misandry, and that wouldn’t be better, but it would be equal.

Because feminism is about equality even if it degrades all humans?  bah. also note there isn’t a similar trend. I’m sure people have applied the hash-mark to I hate men who. but would it have the vitriol as the remarks policing how much women should wear, what sluts they are, women who pretend not to be sluts? yeah. I think not. And there were not enough of them to be highlighted as the top 6 trends or what have you. and I know the reply is nothing new, but it came from someone I know. I don’t think I said anything controversial. its not like he responded to one of my more politically charged tweets. Really?

Plus it looks like one of my (other) friends is a junior MRA. I thought, at first, he was just coming to terms with coming out as a transvestite, but it is so full of bitterness. And he’s framing it as if he is a feminist. as if he is fighting against sexism. It’s NOT fair, he will(read has already) decry, that the dress code at a club does not allow men to wear sandals, but it allows women to.  So he HATES that sexism.  He also Hates that women get to look “pretty” (read policed every day about how fat they are, how much make-up they wear, clothing is to prudish, clothing is to revealing, just smile honey etc…)  Yeah, those poor men. I agree men should wear what they want, but saying you hate sexism, or a feminist is ridiculous if that is the only time you hate sexism. Just like sarah palin is a “feminist” because she likes title 9. (Nevermind that she is for forced pregnancy, and made women pay for their own rape kits, is against comprehensive sex ed…).

Never once has he commented on the sexism of advertising objectifying women, never once has he commented on the fact that a third of college women are sexually assaulted, never once has he commented about rape as a weapon of war in the Congo, never once has he picked up the torch for racism, or gay rights, or domestic abuse, the sexual salvery of undocumented women, or how men have been found not guilty of rape when they say, sure I kept going when she said no, but I stopped when she kicked me really hard.  He might agree these things are bad, but he only gets angry when he can’t be involved in a conversation with girls at a party, because they want to talk amongst themselves (he told me about this because I am a feminist and I would understand). this is the same thing as not letting women into conversations about healthcare, or letting them work in male fields, or into the philosophy department at college.  A conversation at a party.  Give me a break.  the whole point is that sexism is an opression that is institutionalized and systemic.  individual predjudice does not oppresion make.  Plus, the opressed class wanting to have a space where their voices are heard, and they can feel safe, is NOT the same at the opresser keeping others from participation as full citizens in society.

Anyhoo. Onto item three. It appeared in my google reader. The top item when I hit “explore.” It showed a blog which listed funny pie charts. some were more funny than others. the last one:

Pie chart "why women cry"

A pie chart in shades of pink. about 10% for "happiness" about 10% for "sadness" and 80% for "????"

(screen shot instead of link.  I’m not driving more traffic there) Um.  Yeah.  because women are emotional and cry for no reason.  Again.  see post title.  I was not looking for pie charts that reify stereotypes of irrational women or ask google to make my blood boil.  But don’t worry, I know, I’m sure it is a strange coincidence that I saw it and not indicative of culture at large.  I’m sure that the fact it was even made was not indicative of culture at large.

Bull effin shit.

One more thing. I’m not “not laughing” because I’m a humorless feminist. I’m “not laughing” because you are a douche.


Sexism, Racism and “Liberal Doods”

Yesterday I helped the Hare Krishna’s cook food for their “krishna Fest”  Overall I thought the talk was far too literal in it’s interpretation of the Bhagavagita.  Because “bad Karma” from previous lives is victim blaming at its best.

There is awesome, AWESOME stuff in the vedic scriptures.  You know, about love and acceptance and putting others first.  but we must understand the political context in which is arose.  COUGH..caste system…COUGH.  so your lot in life is based on karma, it’s YOUR fault if you are a slave.  It is YOUR Fault if you are subject to homophobia, IT IS YOUR FAULT if you are beaten and raped???  I don’t buy that for a second.   (not that the hare krishnas used these examples but I’m pretty  sure they follow logically)

Now onto my real rant.  The MC at “Krishna Fest”  made a “self-deprecating” “joke” at the beginning of the talk to put us all at “ease”.  This is a Hare Krishna monk:

“as you can see I’m not the best looking, in fact when I was born the doctor slapped my mother”

So not only is this guy overly concerning himself with the physical, he is doing it in a way that has violence toward women.  Yes it is the mothers fault.  because the father wouldn’t have any thing to do with the genetics of how a child looks.  because it is ok to judge women on their baby popping abilities and to hit them when they aren’t good enough.  it is ok to blame women for everything their child does, how they look, how they think, and what they wear, or the nature of their poos, from minute 1.

I was of course to “polite” (bad NT) to point this out at a festival the main point of which really is to sing and dance and say a mantra all together.. (You know the fun bits that I think are worthwhile).

I keep thinking I want to find a spiritual path, but the only ones that have been presented are full of asshats.

Later on I went to fire dancing.  I was talking to this liberal dood who looked about my age (mid 20s).  one of his young friends (looked 15, family member? don’t know) decided to tell a joke.  it was racist.  In fact it was racist on multiple levels, because it was about a maori being racist against asian immigrants.  so not only is it against asians… but it says, “it’s not white me being racists it’s those damn maoris”  (Cause that’s not a racist sentiment at all. )

Now I mentioned how not funny it was, and the “LiBeRaL Dood” said, “that’s right, you’re religious”.  Basically saying if I were more liberal I could take a joke.  But I’m not liberal, I’m radical, and I have no tolerance for hate.  I also did a bit of a double take.  I think racist things are bad because I’m religious? (obviously he’s never been to the states…).  My moral compas comes from far greater things than promise of an afterlife.  Like reason and compassion.  I had mentioned my unitarian universalist ties and my occasional singing of hare krishna mantras.  now The 7 principles of unitarianism are:

  • The inherent worth and dignity of every person;
  • Justice, equity and compassion in human relations;
  • Acceptance of one another and encouragement to spiritual growth in our congregations;
  • A free and responsible search for truth and meaning;
  • The right of conscience and the use of the democratic process within our congregations and in society at large;
  • The goal of world community with peace, liberty, and justice for all;
  • Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part.

nothing here even refers to a belief in god.  (athiests make up to nearly 20% of the “congregation”).  But do to my “silly religion”  He maintains I have no sense of humour.  (if I were only a reasonable agnostic/athiest I could laugh at people who were different and or funny looking)  W.T.F.

I have a sense of humour, just one that doesn’t support the heternormative, gendered, mysogynistic, racist, homophobic, patriarchal, capitalistic, speciesist, rape culture, BULLSHIT paradigm.

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