headdeask.. well head-breakfast-table.. yes litterally

a few days ago I read an article in the NZ herald.  It was some old white guy talking about how we should expect 14 year olds to gang rape people because of the sexualised nature of current society.   The background is that two 14 year old boys abducted a 14 year old girl and violently dragged her into a house and then raped her.

 “But we know that a lot of 14-year-old girls and younger are having sex, even if only from the abortion statistics for last year, which recorded 104 abortions performed on girls aged between 11 and 14. “

he could mean a few things by this right?

  1. because if young girls have sex and abortions they make men rape them.  it’s their fault! 
  2. not only do they make men rape them, but they probably deserve it as punishment for having sex and abortions.

“I have argued for years that sex education in schools, particularly that which begins before children even get near the age of puberty, let alone the age of consent, is simply an invitation for them to begin experimenting”

See. those pesky liberals are making young men rape women!  it’s becuase we gave them condoms.  condoms cause rape.  all sexual experimentation causes rape!

“(It always makes me crack up when I read of the nicotine Nazis going crook about smoking in movies or on TV. It’s a funny old world when actors can indulge in uninhibited sex on screen but woe betide any who light up a fag.) “

Ok this is not as on topic… but I really get pissed when people fighting for health and more rights are refered to as “nazis”.  if when someone smoked we then put them in a “work camp” and then had them shower in noxious gas so they died… then call us nazis.  I think it is not only unfounded name-calling it trivialises the exterminiation of an entire group of peoples.    Anyway he just lost the argument by Godwin’s Law.  but back to the bit about how rape is not the rapists fault.

And as for the internet: type “sex” into Google and, in a fleeting 0.6 of a second, the search engine will present you with 851 million relevant pages; type in “porn” and it will bring up 271 million pages.

Thus, considering the power of the primal urges that afflict young men and women, their ignorance of how to handle them and the temptations put in their way, it is unsurprising that things happen such as those which allegedly occurred in West Auckland last weekend.

because rape is a primal urge of men that must be satiated?????  And didn’t you say that giving them information is bad?  because comprehensive sex ed makes them experiment with rape?


where does one begin


 a creepy guy followed me onto a bus.  I was a bit shook up.  I had been at the wrong bus stop and he followed me to the one I was supposed to be at then got on the bus and sat near me.  I ran off the bus at my stop and met up with my friends.

last night:

A thirty year old british man couldn’t understand why I didn’t want to be adressed by an honorific that gave away my marital status.  when I patiently explained he nodded and smiled and thought i was a “overreacting.”  After all “when you go by Ms. people assume you’re single anyway so what does it matter?”

and everything else happened in between.

but I cannae be arsed to re-hash it all right now.  there will be new shit to deal with tommorow.


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