pre existing conditions

I can’t afford to get help for bi-polar disorder.  My parents paid out of pocket for doctors for it so it would never show up.  so I wouldn’t be discriminated against because of it.

I’ve been off pills for about 3 or 4 years now.  but I’m depressed at the moment and it sucks.  I have insurance, but I can’t go on the record.  its a pre-existing condition.  I’ve heard to many stories recently.  I’m not going on the record for something I’ve handled for the past 4 years.

Maybe I’m paranoid.  maybe there is good reason.  If I can just get by until I get manic again or I stabalise a little.  I’m just so apathetic, and bursting into tears, and I can’t focus.  I’m afraid I will fail out of grad school as I’m starting.

but I’m so afraid of going on the record as crazy.  fuck.

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  1. I’m sorry but I don’t understand what you mean by “going on the record”? I’ve just never heard that term used before regarding a medical condition. Please, enlighten me.

    Also – I am someone diagnosed with bipolar disorder but I have only been off of my medication for a little over a year. Dealing with my mania or depression can be rough at times but its the insomnia & hypersomnia that kill me personally. I am trying my best to avoid going back on medication but my abnormal sleep patterns are starting to become too much of a problem.

    • sorry you were in moderation so long, I haven’t signed in in a while.

      When I was little, I went to psychiatrists and was on pills, but my parents always paid for those visits out of pocket so to wouldn’t be on my insurance. It was a way to try to protect me. There is no record of the visits unless I give those doctors explicit permission to release information. no bill ever went through an insurance company. I could claim it never happened.

      Now I the insurance company has records of my claims for care as a bipolar patient Only certain diagnoses are covered for psychiatric care, because legally in CA they have to. So they know that I have that diagnosis. so now if I ever let my insurance slip, they can say “oops preexisting condition, we don’t have to cover that”

      I ended up seeking treatment anyway. though so far it hasn’t been doing much for me yet. this depression is not going away.

      • Ah. That is interesting. I don’t know if it things are the same way out here in NJ but knowing the crap insurance companies tend to pull, it probably is.

        I hope for your health & that your depression gets better.

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