wtf? my 2nd grade self seems to have whitewashed the world

I painted a rock in 2nd grade for class. We were supposed to paint self portraits. I, being the rebellious youth I was, decided to paint my whole family. so I painted just our heads.

I think I did a pretty good job, you can tell who’s who based on the shape of the head and hair. In fact my parents still have it sitting in the entry way of their home.

I picked it up and looked at it today. For the first time I realized that I painted everyone the same color. I gave everyone in my family white person skin. I’m a white person so that part makes sense. but my sister isn’t. I gave her her long black hair, but I also gave her peachy skin. were there no browns to paint with that day? what does that say about the school? If there were colors that looked more like my sister, why didn’t I choose them? for all of my nine or ten years of life I lived with her, played with her, fought with her.

I’m really confused. the only thing I remember about the actual day was that i was breaking the rules by painting 4 people on my rock instead of just myself. And I liked it! it was the first time I learned the trick about breaking the rules in a way that when you get called out on it, the person in authority looks silly. (but I did more work and I LOVE my family). So I really don’t know what was going through my head or if there were even more than one color available for skin tone.

Its just weird. one of my friends thinks I just viewed her as the same as me so I gave her my skin color. but I was aware of her being a different color. I had to fight with the other kids because they would tell me she wasn’t my sister because of that very issue. it was shoved in my face. so I’m not sure that was the answer.

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