Math is sexy if it involves “chicks.” Because chicks are for sex… right?

I’m a math tutor. I received the following text message (spelling and grammar faithful to the text):

“Hey girl! I think your smokin’ hott! Can u tutor me? Im in algebra 1 and 2. How much is it?”

There are no pictures on any of my advertisements, and my last name is not listed on any of the advertisements. So it is not as if the fellow did a google image search on me. My personal websites are all very private. So he is basing the fact that I’m “smokin’ hott” solely on the fact that I have a female first name.

The issue is of course that I’m broke right now. Do I respond? I would only be meeting him in a public place if I were to tutor him. If I do respond, how? I kind of need all the money I can get, but It’s creepy. I blame capitalism. Making me need money. damn.


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  1. Apart from the message being incredibly sexist and demeaning, it also sounds like kind of a joke. I wouldn’t follow up on it.

    • That was my first reaction. I asked my mother her thoughts… and I am understanding she is far more concerned with my monetary well being than any other type.

      But in most areas I respect her opinion so it made me pause. But she didn’t seem to even see anything that “wrong” about it. I guess things like this are accepted as normal by her. (though she did suggest I only tutor the guy in a public place…)


      next year I’ll have a steady income as a grad student… I just need to hold out till then.

      Part of me wants to call him out on his harassment, but I think in this case that could be more damaging to me than it would be helpful.

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