vanity comes to all

As a hairy hippy vegan nudist feminist people often think I don’t care what I look like.  I don’t often wear make up and I wear clothing that shows my fuzzy wuzzy legs.  But you are mistaken.  My clashed outfit is carefully selected to make me look, well, however I feel like looking because I like it.

That is not to say that I never have my shallow vain obsessive moment.  I do.  A lot.  Especially when it comes to my tan.  I like having one.  I know you think I’m killing myself with the suns harmful rays, but I don’t care.  Partly I like making vitamin D.  It helps make you happy!  But mostly I really like how it looks.  All bronze and NO tan lines.  ewwwwww.  Tan lines.

OK, so that sounds very nudist-y.  a dislike for tan lines. But oh… my obsession with my own tanned beauty goes farther than that.  I can’t stand it when my nipples are pink.  This is an odd thing to discover about myself as, since I am white, and I was not born into nudism, my nipples have been pink most of my life so far.  but 3 years ago that changed.  I was in the shower one day and looked down at my tan and my nipples were brown!  it was so pretty!

Now due to lovely weather and near proximity to The Beach I was able to keep my lovely brown nipples for a couple years.  Then I moved for a year to a place where nude sunbathing options were limited and it rained.  I had tan lines and this bothered me, (not as much as wearing the actual swimsuit bothered me… ewwww sand granuals caught in my crotch….eugh) but really the problem was how pink my nipplew were.  it didn’t even seem like skin tones.  Skin can be white.. but pink?  It was so freaky.  It was also freaky that it was freaky at all since for the first 22 years they had been that color.

Today I am currently a bit sunburned, but I don’t care at all.  My nipples are brown again!!

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