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I read Full Frontal Feminism a while ago.   and it was ok.  It was definitely not written for an already feminist audience.  but whatever.  It read a bit like an extended blog post, which is not a complaint, just an observation.  I mean, I read blog posts all the time (I even read jessica’s blog all the time…).

Anyhoooo, I do have a bit of a critique.  Jessica tells young women to never, ever sleep with a guy who is pro-life/ anti choice.  I don’t have the exact quote the book is not currently in front of me and I’m at an internet cafe so, I’m not digging it up.

This irked me.  I think that doing away with the women=sex=vagina thing is fundamental to feminism.  and I just feel that it’s not appropriate to use your sexuality to reward men.  or rather it’s not ok to tell other people to use their bodies to reward men with good politics.  I mean, shouldn’t sex be about what *I* want?

Maybe what I want is to convert people to my political way of thinking, but maybe, just maybe, I want an orgasm. Or to be physically close to someone because I need that every so often in life.  And I personally probably wouldn’t be attracted to or feel safe around anyone who was anti-choice, so I personally probably wouldn’t sleep with them.

The whole idea of it seems just a bit too much like PETA telling us that we should use our bodies as a form of outreach which is something most feminists condemn….

If an individual wants to use sex as outreach, good for them, but don’t think it’s cool to suggest I SHOULD do the same.


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  1. Maybe she means that you shouldn’t sleep with those men b/c they could cause you problems if you get pregnant and want abortion. (Haven’t read the book; just a thought.)

  2. she probably does.. it’s just, the way she says it. I think because it reads like a blog post there’s no way to comment and then have the person explain.

    it was something like “don’t sleep with some one who is pro-life… ever” or something. since being a feminist I had an affair with a fairly conservative man. I NEEDED it. My body needed it, and we didn’t talk politics. it was not a relationship. I think he was pro-choice, but honestly, I couldn’t tell you. And even if he was, I don’t think he’d help me fight for it if abortion became illegal.

    but we we talked and cuddled and had a fantastic time. I don’t need more guilt and baggage added to sex. I mean, life is already saturated with that.

    and if you get pregnant in that situation, would a “pro-choice” guy really be that supportive? I mean I only knew the person for like 6 days. so I don’t think in short term affairs it really matters.

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