body image

feminists do not exist in a vacumm.  I’m not surprised by this, but I am surprised at some of the affects of this.  I’ve just finished ‘Princesses and Porn Stars’ where the author talks about her own body issues at one point even though other than thinking she is horribly ugly she is a feminist. 

this seems to be a problem echoed by many feminists (at least white middle classed ones) according to the book ‘fat is a feminist issue’. 

solutions like ‘talking about’ dealing with why we overeat or loudly proclaiming it doesn’t matter what we look like in attempt to convince ourselves seems to be the advice for the last 40 or so years.   I think the solution is really simple.  Hang out with people who are honestly comfortable with thier bodies.  A group of peope who think it really doesn’t matter that much how fat or thing you are, or how big your breasts are, or even how big your cock is.

that’s right.  Nudists.  And nudism.  after regularly attending a nude beach I had the best body image ever!  middle aged saggy people being middle aged saggy people.  bodies being used for what they are meant to.  Enjoyment.  for lying in the sun or playing volleyball.  Even just for standing around the bbq.  one of my favorite things to do with my body is to body surf.  I’m hairy and not skinny, yet I’m always accepted. 

this is not nudity to titilate men, it is not nudity that is sexual, it is just hanging out with friends and realisign that we all come in different shapes and sizes and have different scars from different times. 

As a whole I think that the nudist community is very accepting partly because it is a fringe culture.  they’ll take who they can get kind of.  (as long as they aren’t creepy).   they want their right to be nude accepted, they are willing to let you have your right to be your shape and size and hairyness.  which is very little to ask anyway……

so yeah.  nudism.  it’s good.

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