headdeask.. well head-breakfast-table.. yes litterally

a few days ago I read an article in the NZ herald.  It was some old white guy talking about how we should expect 14 year olds to gang rape people because of the sexualised nature of current society.   The background is that two 14 year old boys abducted a 14 year old girl and violently dragged her into a house and then raped her.

 “But we know that a lot of 14-year-old girls and younger are having sex, even if only from the abortion statistics for last year, which recorded 104 abortions performed on girls aged between 11 and 14. “

he could mean a few things by this right?

  1. because if young girls have sex and abortions they make men rape them.  it’s their fault! 
  2. not only do they make men rape them, but they probably deserve it as punishment for having sex and abortions.

“I have argued for years that sex education in schools, particularly that which begins before children even get near the age of puberty, let alone the age of consent, is simply an invitation for them to begin experimenting”

See. those pesky liberals are making young men rape women!  it’s becuase we gave them condoms.  condoms cause rape.  all sexual experimentation causes rape!

“(It always makes me crack up when I read of the nicotine Nazis going crook about smoking in movies or on TV. It’s a funny old world when actors can indulge in uninhibited sex on screen but woe betide any who light up a fag.) “

Ok this is not as on topic… but I really get pissed when people fighting for health and more rights are refered to as “nazis”.  if when someone smoked we then put them in a “work camp” and then had them shower in noxious gas so they died… then call us nazis.  I think it is not only unfounded name-calling it trivialises the exterminiation of an entire group of peoples.    Anyway he just lost the argument by Godwin’s Law.  but back to the bit about how rape is not the rapists fault.

And as for the internet: type “sex” into Google and, in a fleeting 0.6 of a second, the search engine will present you with 851 million relevant pages; type in “porn” and it will bring up 271 million pages.

Thus, considering the power of the primal urges that afflict young men and women, their ignorance of how to handle them and the temptations put in their way, it is unsurprising that things happen such as those which allegedly occurred in West Auckland last weekend.

because rape is a primal urge of men that must be satiated?????  And didn’t you say that giving them information is bad?  because comprehensive sex ed makes them experiment with rape?


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  1. Well, the author of that article is spot-on.

    Young women dressing in the manner they learn from TV, ads, commercials, magazines, etc., actually are asking to be raped so they can have abortons. It only makes sense.

    And teaching kids about sex before they are likely to engage in it (which most kids have no interest in before sex-ed) is as foolish as giving them driver training before turning them loose in a car! Perish the thought!

    That should be as clear as the ear on your face.

    And you liberals (ie: Communist Nazis), if you don’t like smoke, then just move to the bottom of the ocean!

    I hate to pin your ears back on your own site, but somebody had to do it. And, your site should be shut down lest someone view it and agree. That sort of thinking can spread… ;-)

    Steve http:www.allnudist.wordpress.com

  2. Hey NT. How are you doing? It seems you’ve got your self all steamed up again. The last comment seemed to be written by a jerk trying to pull your chain. Now i agree with you, rape is a terrible thing and no style of dress justifies raping someone. But i do feel you have gone into the uber-feminist territory at times and have gotten to the point where you blame the “patriarchy” for all the evils in the world, and that all men are just rapists waiting for a trigger. Evil is evil, it isn’t male or female, its just evil. And we should look at it as just that. Claiming one evil is male and one is female just gives that evil a cover to hide under.


    Firstly, I think the the writer above was being sarcastic and actually supporting my side.

    Secondly, this is a feminist blog. I don’t blame all men for anything. I blame a cultural system that gives privilage to some while it hurts others. This is often refered to as the Patriarchy in feminist circles as when they look at this system they are looking at how it puts men in a position of privalge and hurts women. However the system is far more complex than that as there are all types of privilage. (i.e. Male privilage, white privilage, economic privilage, heteronormative privilage etc.)

    SO yes I do blame the patriarchy, but really I should say Kyriachy as I am against all forms of oppression. I don’t have all the solutions, but I’m at least working on it. If we waited untill we had a perfect solution for a problem it would never get solved.

    Thirdly, I never said that a particular evil was male or female, in fact I didn’t mention evil at all and i believe that the idea of gender roles should be done away with and that most associations with gender are culturally constructed. There are plenty of “masculine girls” and “feminine boys” and they shouldn’t have to conform to what they “should” be.

    Fourthly, I never said all men are rapists the article implied that: “Thus, considering the power of the primal urges that afflict young men and women, their ignorance of how to handle them and the temptations put in their way, it is unsurprising that things happen such as those which allegedly occurred in West Auckland last weekend.”

    I was shocked that these alleged acts were being refered to as unchecked primal urges. That as a culture we accept that men are rapists because “boys will be boys” which is what I mean when i use the term “rape culture”

    Finally, If you are going to continue to tell me I don’t have the right to be angry at such things or that I should not be a feminist I will start blocking your comments. I haven’t blocked your comments yet as I don’t think you are intentionally being rude. however, You have read this blog and know the type of content that is on it. If you don’t like it don’t comment. If you have comment that challenges the content through intellectual analysis ( as opposed to “but not all men are mean” or the like, you are welcome to enter into intellectual debate with me)

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