“list of good qualities” or “how i stopped worrying and learned to love the bomb”

The following are postive qualities in a potential partner

  1. vegetarian
  2. likes playgrounds
  3. physically fit
  4. cooks
  5. cleans
  6. prochoice
  7. profeminism
  8. interested in exploring veganism
  9. interested in meditation
  10. logical
  11. intelligent
  12. high ethical standards
  13. doesn’t drink to excess (or at all)
  14. always willing to give a backrub

and i found someone with all of them.  but we’re just friends at the moment.  dang it.  so the plan is to let things just unfold.  To not rush it.  To not create an awkward situation where I’d rather not have one.

it’s actually pretty hard to find a guy who isn’t threatened by the word feminism.  hell it’s hard to find women who are ok with the term these days.  The fact that I found someone who actively states views about gender equality and doesn’t freak when i mention I’m a feminist is a shock already.  the fact he has other amazing qualities?  dang, I’m smitten.

I can’t tell if it would go anywhere.   sure he places his hand on my back when we’re sitting together, but he does that with most people.  so I can’t tell.  most things I’d consider signs are things he does with most people, so they become meaningless.  and he’s very integrated into the group of people I hang out with.  more so than I am, so If awkwardness occured, it could magnify.

So I’ll just relax and let send out some signals, but not make any drastic moves. 

why can’t life ever be easier done than said?  no,  it’s always the other way around.  stupid brain being all mushed around by “feelings” and “lust.”  lots of lust….

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