where does one begin


 a creepy guy followed me onto a bus.  I was a bit shook up.  I had been at the wrong bus stop and he followed me to the one I was supposed to be at then got on the bus and sat near me.  I ran off the bus at my stop and met up with my friends.

last night:

A thirty year old british man couldn’t understand why I didn’t want to be adressed by an honorific that gave away my marital status.  when I patiently explained he nodded and smiled and thought i was a “overreacting.”  After all “when you go by Ms. people assume you’re single anyway so what does it matter?”

and everything else happened in between.

but I cannae be arsed to re-hash it all right now.  there will be new shit to deal with tommorow.


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  1. I cant stand when people decide to think its a bad thing to go by Ms. Its only respectful. And its so freaking archaic to go by your marital status. Re: freaky guys on the bus – I can empathise… :(

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