I’ve been doing more thinking and admitting to myself

Well I obviously love her. She is my best friend. The question is will that sustain itself in a sexual relationship. And don’t try to tell me sex won’t fuck it up. or sex doesn’t have to be complicated. It is. Almost always. There are no guarantees about anything.

I’ve decided not to to tell her until I see her in person. I’m pretty sure about how I will want to act, but who knows, it’s something that must be done in the flesh…. probably quite litterally.

So until then, I will not ignore other fleshy impulses. not that I want to only act on fleshy impulses. (I think that is the most unsexy way I’ve referred to sex yet..) My recent tristes have not ended well. And I have yet to get my book back. And he’s leaving the country tomorrow.. so we’ll see what happens this evening.

anyway….. yeah….

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  1. Sugah, let me just say i know how you feel. All too well. And yes you are definitely right, sex can screw up a friendship. Just be careful though. Dun let your emotions override your brain.


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