please go read this now.

Just came across a brilliant post. whether you support Clinton or not. Please take into consideration WHY you have the view you do.

This post says what I’ve been trying to say to people in conversation about the nature of Clinton naysayers.

I still don’t know who I would prefer as president. But I do know I dislike it when people disregard a person because of gender. I dislike when gender discrimination is so entrenched in our society that people claim it is not happening.

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  1. […] koreanpower999 placed an interesting blog post on please go read this now. […]

  2. *shrug* Sadly you could probably post the same thing based on the racial remarks coming out of the Clinton campaign. Both of them are running on extremely-closed-to-fucked up wrt racism/sexism and frankly it’s getting on my nerves. The worst of it is that McCain isn’t any better on either front.

    I voted for Obama though, because frankly I’m tired of hearing that the “feminist” thing to do is vote for Hillary. The white feminist thing to do, maybe. But I’m tired of being treated like my ethnicity is somehow less important, which is basically what I’ve heard from the majority of the feminists supporting Clinton, so I’m voting for the guy who knows that this country needs to talk about race and we need to do it NOW.

  3. Yeah…. I think both would do well… but the whole thing is she is the “woman” candidtate, Obama is the “colored” candidate and McCain gets a name.

    That’s what is so annoying. No one is running on the issues I think are important. Clinton and Obama tend to agree on the issues that are important to me and I don’t know if I think Being a great speaker or great attention to detail is a better skill.

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