I’m experimenting with grains. Sunday I was at Jimbos. I was really just looking to see how much the Quinoa was. It was cheaper than at Henry’s so I grabbed a bunch. But I’ve been stuck on brown rice or quinoa for my unprocessed whole grain fix. So I started perusing the other bulk whold grains. I found 3 with pretty quick cooktimes (I didn’t feel like purchasing something that would take 2 hours to cook.. I’m too lazy at the moment). Amaranth, Millet, Buckwheat.

 Last night’s experiment was amaranth. I’d never cooked it before and my extent of knowledge came from googling “whole grain cooking times” as I had forgotten what the bin had said.

So I put in 1 part grain, 2 parts water and a pinch of salt. when it was done cooking it looked a lot like hot cereal. very goopy. It went ok with the lentils I made, but I think next time I will try making it with soymilk and eating it for breakfast. I can definitely see gruell being made from it.

But the taste was good, and i will eat it again.

One of these days I will be patient enought to cook spelt (1.5 hours) or even Kamut (2 hours). but I’ve got a good start till then.

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  1. I was wondering, do you had any more blogs?

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