don’t blame the beach, blame the person at the beach!

This article pisses me off. For lots of reasons.

Firstly no one should be forced, or feel pressure, (especially at work) to join a culture that makes them uncomfortable. that’s bad. that’s some sort of harrassment. But I hate to see nude beaches and sexual in the same sentence unless it is to condem a pervert. Now I think her boss was harrassing her sexually:

“Not using your looks is like not using your intelligence,” he replied flatly.
“Now, there’s a party going on across the street,” he continued. “Get over there for your drunkard story and get some photos. Do what you have to to get in, you know? Flirt, offer dates, anything. Use what you’ve got.”

I don’t dispute that at all. But he is not the only harrasser and she blames her boss for the sexual harrasment that some other man did to her.

“Now, some women really don’t need to shave that much,” he opined, “take yourself, for instance.” His eyes dropped to my bare nether regions. I blushed all the way to my ears, but said nothing. Instead, I forced my eyes onto my notepad and began scribbling incoherently.

Then there was an odor. I tried not to believe it, but it was impossible to ignore the fact that he had brought himself to orgasm.

now this happened in California. So I can say for a fact this man broke the law.  While ultimately creepy isn’t illegal, masturbating in public will land you on the sex offenders list.

This man is at fault for his actions, not her boss, not her.   now the treatment of her story when she returned to work was inconsiderate, and uncompoasionate and reprehensible, but that is not where the major incident occured.

Now, Although it is implied that the editor asked her to go nude to the beach for his own perverse reasons, I can say if a clothed person with a camera was walking down the beach they would have a difficult time getting people to respond to them. My reaction to clothed people with cameras is: get dressed and tell them to fuck off and make sure they are well away with their camera not focused anywhere near me, before I take my clothes off again.  My default reaction is defensive, because the sad fact is: creepy isn’t illegal.  There are creeps sometimes, but my encounters with them are far fewer that my good days.  (of course I always go with a male friend to ward off the worst of it.)

She was probably asking if it was ok to take pictures, so ok, but it makes people uneasy. ( read it makes me and some of the people I know uneasy)  Lots of beach-goers and resort-attendees are in the closet to their family and friends or at least their boss. So nude pics floating around aren’t looked upon happily by all.

 I just think this article is anti-nudism.  That the harrasment was related to a nudist place, I concur, but that does not mean the nudist place is to blame.  pervs are pervs in any context.

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  1. That is just fucked up and weird on all counts. Her boss shouldn’t have pressured her like that, and that guy definitely shouldn’t have wanked at her. I mean, eww.

    I agree with your assessment of this piece as anti-nudist; it’s not explicitly all “nude beaches are full of creepy people,” but neither is it exactly subtextual.

  2. I think it also annoys me that she used “I want to go to a nude beach” as something that would shock and impress people, just like some young straight women say “I like kissing girls” to get attention of a guy. By saying it, you shouldn’t be forced to actually do it if you don’t really want to. but my lifestyle is not there just so people can shock and awe.

  3. I don’t mind being photographed on a nude beach as long as the person with a camera is a nudist and has the paperwork stating where the photos are going to be used.

    Nudists deserve to be treated with respect just like everyone else does (perverts notwithstanding).

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