I really like my boyfriend

I would hope if some one has a boyfriend they like them.  from personal experience this is not the case in all relationships… but I digress.

He did a wonderful thing that makes me want to blog.  He is ok with the fact that I menstrate. 

 This SHOULDN’T be a big deal, but it is.  A lot of men are not ok with this.  But my wonderful guy poked his head into the shower while I was squated down to change my Diva Cup. His reaction was to scritch my head as it was at hand level at that moment.  

 I was holding a little cup of my menstral fluid.  When he scritched I looked up and said, “it’s not fair!  there’s barely any blood, but it would still drip If I weren’t wearing this thing!”  I mean come on it was the 7th day of my period SO FAR.  They always last 8 or 9 days for me, but are only heavy the first day and a half.   He knows all of this.  and his response was a sincerely empathetic pout.  He didn’t go, “ewwww periods are gross” or “I think I’m going to vomit” or any other related comment.

I thought it was so sweet.   He also doesn’t care that if I wear certain heels I’m taller than him.  Yay for profeminist males that mean it!

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  1. I’m torn on the issue of bloody pads. On the one hand, it’s great that my beau doesn’t care about them as long as they get taken out before they start to stink (which they do). On the other hand, threats about leaving bloody pads lying around are ineffective and will not make him do the dishes.


  2. I don’t use pads or tampons anymore. though if i were to get pads I would get glad rags. then it’s not a matter of throwing them out as it is washing them.

  3. You know i had no idea these Diva Cups existed before today, and now that I know… Well sorry I still think its frikkin’ gross. Now i’m not one of those assholes that disdain at women because they have their periods. I’ve had some pretty good sex with a girl while they were menstruating. But I still don’t exactly have a great view of the whole menstruating thing. Just like you ladies think its gross when we men scratch our balls.

  4. Williamca – I find it somewhat insulting that in one post you say I should have a better body image, then here you claim that by taking care of a natural part of my body in an environmentally ethical way, it’s “frikkin’ gross”. From reading your blog and yor other comment, I don’t think you mean to cause insult, but please bear in mind that you are coming off that way.

    I mean it is stereotypical of guys to think bugs and worms and poking dead things with sticks is really cool, but menstration… “ewww gross”. Menstration happens to half the population. It is not dirty. You won’t get sick from being in contact with it or even ingesting it. Dead animals are far more dangerous and disgusting. Yet it’s ok for men to like them and not a women’s cycle.

    I don’t want to be too harsh. I don’t think you are a troll and i do want to encourage discussion, but calling someone “frikkin gross” isn’t the best way to start a dialogue.

  5. a. I don’t know any women who think it’s gross when guys scratch their sack and b. dude, relax, it’s just blood. You know, that stuff that runs in your veins and arteries, keeps your heart pumping, etc.?

    Also c., I find it incredibly rude of you to come into someone else’s space only to tell them that you think part of their natural existence is disgusting.

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