Of course it’s my fault, men can’t be expected to take responsibility for their actions

This is such a huge friggin’ issue I don’t know where to begin.  It covers everything from why girls must abide by highschool dress codes, (well too bad if it’s 100 degF out.. spaghetti straps will distract the boys) to honored excuses for raping someone(did you see what she was wearing?).  My most recent run-in with this philosophy is much closer to the former than the latter, but thoroughly annoying at the time. (all this ending a few months ago)

 What made it worse was I was emtionally involved at the time and almost believed it. 

 The long part of the story abbreviated:

I was flirting with and (I thought) befriending a guy for 6 months.  This was all moving very slowly as there was a huge age difference and we met on a nude beach.  flirting in the nude is difficult as there are bigger personal space bubbles.   Anyway… I would think in talking to someone (even casually) on a regular basis you would mention a significant other if you had one.  Especially if there is a bit of flirting going on, just to keep things on the level.

 This did not happen.  I find out he has a Special Lady Friend (SLF) when he decides he can’t kiss me.  His moral sensibilities prevent him from going further!

Now in the discussions that followed this incident came the line:

“Every day I’d tell myself to play it cool, but then I saw you and just couldn’t help myself”

 What praise, right?  I’m just irresistable.  My humorous retorts, my calling out his occasional misogyinistic remarks, my charms and beauty.   Thank goodness I’m still a few pounds overweight.  It made me that much more resistable I’m sure.  Thus my bit of a paunch saved his SLF from true heart ache.  Had I been that much more fit He would not have been able to say no  when he did.

But I didn’t lead anyone on. When I was sort of dating someone I made it known in conversation.  I kept it on the level.  When I became available, I made it clear. 

But it’s my own gosh darn fault that he mislead me.  If I hadn’t been so wonderful he could have resisted me sooner.  How about this for a senario:

If he wasn’t such a jackass he would have been honest with me. (and his SLF)

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  1. If he wasn’t such a jackass he would have been honest with me. (and his SLF)

    Damn straight.

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