Veganism is a healthy lifestlye

She says as she finishes her fried peanut butter and banana sandwich sprinkled with cinnamon sugar . 

 oops.  Good job.  I try to eat healthily.  I’m big on the whole grains and  I do think that avoiding animal protein is healthier in general… but I am human and I am weak and make mistakes.  but damn tastey mistakes.   it could only be tastier had I added some vegan chocolate to it.   But I think I should give up chocolate as well.

now don’t get me wrong, I don’t think chocolate is “unhealthy” so to speak, but I find if I’ve been eating it, and then I don’t eat it, I get a headache. 

so my life includes making sure i have chocolate around or being in pain.  I’m not a fan of addiction in general.  So I’m giving it up, (again….see there was this wagon, and I had fallen off.)  I went back to chocolate when I gave up dairy.  trading vice for slightly lesser vice.   Today I trade down to fried peanut butter sandwich and coconut sorbet.  oh gawd those would be good together.  (bad brain! I want to give up unhealthy habbits not acquire new ones.) 

 but it is a new month, so by our arbitrary conventions, I will start today!

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