It is not a “meat substitute”

I don’t eat meat and I don’t need a substitute for it.  It drives me absolutely bonkers when I hear tofu or seitan refered to as a meat subsitute.

 it is a protein source.  That is true.  but what does that have to do with meat?

 tofu is it’s own glorious thing that in many cultures is eaten along side meat, or in dishes that never intended on having meat.  (it’s actually really hard to find vegetarian stuff at “Tofu house” off of convoy, it all has beef in it)

 Tofu is not trying to be meat.  The only reason I ever buy anything resembling “meat subsitutes” is that I go to a lot of bbq and I want something that fits on a bun so I can be a part of that social sphere.  hanging around the grill cooking dogs is a very social thing, something that you can’t tap into with zuccini alone. 

 Anyway, that is my rant.  you may go back to your regularly scheduled lives.

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  1. Tofu is, like, an everything substitute :p It tastes like whatever it was cooked in, after all!

  2. So does escargot, and that’s not considered a substitute for anything. :P

  3. Hmm … maybe it should be? :)

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