My body My choice

this post is more about respect in general than feminism.  Mostly because the choice I’m talking about at the moment is what I don’t want to eat. 

In general there is a lack of respect for a minority or oppressed groups individual choices.    I actively choose to not eat meat or most animal products.  Sometimes I make exceptions.  But that is my choice.  

 People tend to not like this.  and proclaim “we’ll tempt you back [to eating meat]”.  eww.  I don’t want to eat meat.  but if someone offers me insects or a cheeseburger I can just state, “that’s not kosher” and I’m off the hook.  I don’t even have to say I keep kosher or that I’m Jewish (both of which are false).  Yay for selective clarification. 

 So let me get this straight: If I don’t eat something because I haven’t questioned any cultural brainwashing that is in place because some man wrote down it is “G-d’s will” to not eat it, that’s OK.  but if I listen to how my body reacts when eating certain foods and restrict myself to wholesome foods most of the time, or I feel unnecessary killing of animals might be inconsistent with my lifestyle, I should just shut up and eat a cow.

of course it’s a much bigger issue than food. (here comes the feminism.)  It’s my body and my choice.  In every way. As a woman I have gained the right (mostly) to say no to sex. (Unless someone forces me. which if you look at conviction rates for rape mean that’s ok in this society… but theoretically most people agree I should be able to say no.) As a vegan I come under closer scrutiny. even my mother doesn’t always support my right to choose what I put in my mouth. (“the spagetti sauce only has a little meat in it…”). Thanks mom.

People try to trick me into eating meat, or start on how my viewpoints are irrelevent.

Like I said: It’s about respect in general. I’ll fuck who I want (as long as they want to as well) and I will eat what I want.   OR NOT.  Depending on how I feel.

 My choices don’t hurt you and don’t affect you (unless you are someone I am in a romantic and/or sexual entanglement with).  So why do you care?  If I say no thankyou to the chicken at a bbq, can’t you be ok with that?


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  1. Having a few vegan friends myself, I can honestly say that the biggest source of grousing from a meat-eater’s perspective comes from one of two places: either feeling somehow morally inferior and thus defensive, even if you did nothing to specifically give them the idea that you find them so; or feeling frustrated that it’s so friggin’ hard to cook for y’all!

    (Heh, guess where I end up most of the time :p I love my friends, but I hate cooking for them, and for me food and friendship kind of go hand in hand…)

    You’re right though, that at the end of the day it’s about respect for each other’s choices. That and, you know, having the common sense to just not take a different preference personally!

  2. …hey wait! This was supposed to be a random find from my Tag Search … d’oh! >.<

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