The Age of Innocence

Recently at a dinner party,  Mr. Mysogyny was singing my praises trying to get into my pants.    Of course his praises were nothing to do with reality:

 “I could never imagine you swearing”  – um I have been all night.   I can make sailors blush.  At least american sailors as I learned to cuss in Glasgow.  Great way to impress a girl, not pay attention to who she is.

 The one that really got me was:

“you are just so angelic and innocent”  –  So to praise me he is putting me into the archtypical female “good girl” role.  Wow if he hadn’t been unapealing before that would have made my legs snap shut.  Two big issues here.

1. Angelic implies a christian figure.  ewwwww

2. I can’t stand the word innocent.  I let the entire dinner table know.   they were all a bit taken aback, (even the women).  My views are as follows.

 Innocence is a type of ignorance.  I don’t want to be ignorant in general.  In sepcific it is the ignorance of the horrors of the world (including sexuality) that we must keep from women and children.  I’m not sure where I stand on educating children about EVERTHING, I don’t think a 6 year old needs to know that some people enjoy S&M.   But grown women?  Shouldn’t they have access to the same information as grown men?  Why should I be kept at the level as a child?  Aren’t we passed the point where women are “child-like” and need to be looked after?

 I made it clear that I found the term insulting and did not like to be called it.  Everyone was shocked and thought I had Laid into him pretty hard. 

 if I had respected him more I would have.  He got off easy because he obviously doesn’t listen of respect me very much anyway.  The last time someone called me innocent they got the whole run down. 

It was 5 years ago.  My freshman Year of college.  Mr. Sexy Goatee  and I had been hanging out a lot.  I liked him a lot.  As a person, not just for his sexy goatee.  He had decided not to tell me about some silly gross-out website thing that he and tim had been looking at (as college students do).  I finally got it out of him that it was some sort of fetish porn they were laughing at. 

 I asked why he was so reluctant to share, his response “but you’re a girl and innocent!”

My response was “don’t ever fucking call me that again!” and then told him all my reasons for not liking the term with lots of cussing.  We became much better friends and he respected me so he listened to my request.

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