the party has arrived

There are a few reasons I decided I needed a new blog.  The big ones are:

 1. distance myself from whining about my personal life and start a discussion (read monologue with myself) about how I feel about issues that are important to me.

I want to do some introspection.  I’m not sure where I sit on a lot of spectrums, even when it is an important issue for me.  I want to question my beliefs and poke at them to see where they fail, and where I don’t care that they fail.

2. Annonymity.  I’m female and a nudist.  I don’t want to advertise that too much when people know what I look like or can find other information about me.  I want a public place to discuss issues surrounding nudism.  I’m sick of making every post “friends only”.  I want to read comments from people that are new and can help me find understanding in life in general. 

 So here I am. 

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  1. Hey, it has been a long while since your last post – are you still here? I read the two posts and I like you already. I too would like to discuss sexual, nudist, people hang-ups that most folks just shut down when you bring them up. These are pivotal issues in life and people bury it all under prudism, religion, ignorance or all of the above. I hope we can chat; I am interested in the female perspective. I may have some closed mindedness too, but I am open to listen and learn. Be well, Ed

    • I hope to blog a bit more. I am very busy at the moment. I am jst starting a PhD prgram. I really wanted to say that I appreciate your acknoledgement of your occasional closemindedness and your openness to listening to other perspectives. I think that realistlically acknoledges that hearing critiques of privilige from a priviliged perspective is not naturally easy. I applaud your efforts and hope you gain the insight you need to be an ally to all causes.

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